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What is Mobitalk?

MobiTalk is an International calling app that provides high-quality communication services at affordable & the lowest rates

How to Install Mobitalk?

We offer access to the MobiTalk app on all devices: On your android device, open Google Play & search “MobiTalk”, then click on the install button and enjoy calling overseas. For your iOS device, download this app from the App Store and start making cheap calls to your loved ones.

What services are offered by MobiTalk?

With MobiTalk, we ensure you stay connected to your loved ones around the globe. Our most reliable services include premium overseas calls. We will also offer fast balance transfer & quick transaction solutions at super affordable rates in the future.

Is my phone number compatible with MobiTalk?

Yes, with MobiTalk now, you can enjoy high-quality international calls with your number as the app automatically allots a second number for you. Hence, you’re free to make calls in the region of your choice.

How do I create a MobiTalk account?

Download the MobiTalk app on your iOS or smartphone and register yourself on the app. Enjoy international calling without calling cards or an internet connection at the receiving end.

When can I use MobiTalk App?

We’ve seen companies offering voice call packages to their local clients though it was seen very rarely in the case of international calls. But with the use of the latest technological advancements, MobiTalk has now made it achievable to call overseas at super affordable rates.

From where can I download MobiTalk App?

You can download your favorite MobiTalk app today from Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

How to Delete my MobiTalk account?

You can delete your MobiTalk account by navigating to Settings in the app and selecting “Delete my account.” Alternatively, you can request account and data deletion through the support page on the MobiTalk website.

How can I make calls with MobiTalk?

With MobiTalk, you can now make international voice calls at the lowest prices in all countries across the globe by making an account and recharging it.

How can I call my Contacts?

You may call any of your contact number by simply clicking on it in contacts tab.

Can we also call anyone locally by MobiTalk?

Yes, MobiTalk supports both local and international calls.

Do I need Internet While calling?

The person that intends to place the call needs to install the MobiTalk app for international calling.

Should my contact also need Internet or smartphone to receive my call?

With MobiTalk, there is no need for the internet or smartphones at the receiver’s end.

Can I get a call back on MobiTalk?

No, we can not get a call back on MobiTalk.

Where can I contact support for calling issues?

Visit our Support Center and share your concerns/queries with us if you’re dealing with any calling issue. We’re always eager to help you!

What are the bundles and rates?

MobiTalk Bundles effectively offer dedicated packages to our customers to choose packages that best suit their needs. These bundles are provided in most locations worldwide except for a few ones where we offer international calling in per-minute rates.

What is the pricing of MobiTalk Minutes?

At MobiTalk, we offer affordable rates typically starting from the very lowest range compared to our competitors in the market.

Do MobiTalk Offer Bundles?

Yes, MobiTalk offers affordable voice bundles to its customers across the globe.

Do MobiTalk offer different bundles for different countries?

Yes, the bundles are exclusive to different countries. For further information, please visit our ‘Rates’ page on the website.

Do all countries across the globe have bundles?

No, you may call any country across the globe but we are not offering dedicated bundles for all the countries.

Do MobiTalk Offers Lowest International call rates?

Yes, MobiTalk claims to offer the lowest rates for international calls with its promise to deliver premium voice quality.

Will the remaining minutes in my bundle roll over to the next month if I repurchase the bundle?

No, any remaining minutes in your current bundle will not roll over to the next month if you repurchase the bundle. We recommend using all your minutes before the expiry date to make the most of your subscription

Where can I contact support for pricing issues?

Visit our Support Center and share your concerns/queries with us if you’re dealing with any pricing issue.

Is Top-up Compulsory before making a Call?

Yes, you need to top-up your MobiTalk account before making an international call.

How can I recharge my wallet on MobiTalk?

You can recharge your wallet on MobiTalk by clicking the ‘Recharge Section’ and then select a payment method, i.e. via credit or debit card.

How can I check my current balance?

You can check your current balance quickly as it is displayed on your profile and home screen.

How to purchase an International Calling bundle?

To purchase an international calling bundle, select the bundle option from your app, then select the country/region of your caller and choose a bundle that best suits your needs.

Which payment gateway is supported by MobiTalk?

We accept all kinds of cards approved for international payments and transactions, e.g., Visa or Master Card etc.

How many times can I recharge my account?

You may recharge your MobiTalk App as many times as you want.

Where can I contact support for Top-Up issues?

Visit our Support Center and share your concerns/queries with us if you’re dealing with any top-up or recharge issue. We love to help you!


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